Monday, July 6, 2009

Does anyone want the GOP 2012 nomination? Anyone? Anyone...

And so another 2012 contender falls by the wayside. Believe what you may, but we feel pretty sure that Sarah Palin's "unconventional" move Friday of resigning from office spells doom to her presidential aspirations. (Not to pundits: stupid is not "unconventional," you would have thought she had learned that from John McCain). And like John Ensign and Mark Sanford before her, yet another GOP 2012 hopeful refuses to answer the call (Yeah...we see you there, Mitt. Take a hint...they don't want you, brother).

Of course, now...everyone is asking why? Theories abound from scandal (she is under federal investigation, a claim the FBI has taken the unusual route of publicly denying), to preparation (she's going to go ahead and start cramming for the Presidency, as if being the Chief Executive of the United States is like a geography exam), to straight up CREAM (Wu-tang in the house!).

Let's address #1 first, according to the FBI, there is no ongoing federal investigation. But it's not like there needs to be. Palin is still under a state ethics investigation, which reportedly is costing an arm and a leg. Now...first off, by all accounts, these ethics complaints are merely chickens coming home to roost. All accounts of Palin the politician concern a woman who surrounds herself with unqualified sycophants and who spends more time paying people back for perceived slights, than moving any policy or agenda forward. I'm sure being under investigation sucks. But for someone who has thrown more than her fair share of public barbs and accusations, what the fuck does she expect? It's a big world there, Hockey Mom. Man up.

Second, the "prepping" theory. I completely think this is horseshit. If you have not yet read Todd Purdum's Vanity Fair article on Palin, "It Came from Wasilla," you should. Sorry...but Palin is just not interested in learning what she does not know. Simply look at her track since November. She eschewed sound advice from the majority of pundits following the November loss: hunker down, make some real achievements in Alaska, and bone up on some major policy issues. She did none of that. Why?

Because I think it is all about #3: CREAM. I think cash rules everything around Palin. Remember those ridiculous shopping bills when she accepted the nomination? I think that is the lady to the core. She wants to cash in and there will be no time like now. She has to strike while the iron is hot and it will only be hot so long as people think she is interested in being the star of the GOP. I believe Palin wants to be a star alright, but not a politician. I particularly love her ridiculous "noble" angle she seemed to be pushing in her resignation. How was doing this for the people of Alaska, not wanting to "milk" her status as a lame duck governor. It's like she went to the Mark Sanford school of hypocritical blindness. Where was that sanctimonious concern for Alaskans while she was cashing all those per diem checks even though she was staying at home instead of in the capital? won't see Sarah Palin in public office again. But you will see her all over FoxNews. You will see her speaking to high-dollar fundraisers. You will probably see her coming out with her own line of pumps and handbags. I think you will see Sarah Palin in just about any position she can make money on. I mean, any politician who will literally wrap themselves in the flag has no shame, do they?

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Cheesefrog said...

I remember driving back from looking at kitchen countertops when I heard the news that McCain had chosen Palin as his running mate. I nearly ran off the road from spasms of disbelief. Turns out my notion was right, as she became a polarizing figure in the election. The election was effectively lost for the GOP that day, as if nominating a corpse wasn't enough of a losing strategy.

That's not to say I don't like the lady; but I didn't really feel she was up to the task. All of which apparently means nothing considering that the election for top dog turned out to be won by a guy who's resume (read: actual accomplishments) qualified him for a position closer to dog catcher than commander in chief. But I digress.

I think the GOP should be glad they don't have to waste time on her as a candidate. It just wasn't going to happen. People have their collective minds made up. Personally I just don't understand the magnitude of loathing from the left, particularly women, of Palin. Is she really the daughter of the Devil? Really?

Hey, at least she paid her taxes...