Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seinfeld Reunion!

Good news for Seinfeld fans...that long awaited reunion is coming. Just not quite as you thought. Alan Sepinwall reported today that this seasons Curb Your Enthusiasm will be built around David and the cast of Seinfeld working on a reuinion show.

As Sepinwall relays it:

"For years, I've been asked about a 'Seinfeld' reunion," David told
reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena.
He always refused, but, "Then I thought it might be very funny to do that on
'Curb.' And I kept thinking about it."

Seinfeld will appear in five episodes, sprinkled throughout the season, and
the others will appear in as many as four or five episodes, albeit not always

"We'll see writing, see aspects of the read-through, parts of rehearsal,
see the show being filmed, and see it on TV," David explained. "You won't see
the entire show. You'll see parts of the show. You'll get an idea of what
happened (to the 'Seinfeld' characters) 11 years later. Within the show, it will
be incorporated into regular 'Curb' episodes. "

So get your Kenny Roger's Roasters ready.

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