Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to the man behind SC6

Today, we celebrate the 41st birthday of the Dean of Pee Dee Bloggers, Mike Reino. I started reading Mike's SC6 blog back I guess about two years ago. Shortly after I started reading it, I dipped my toes in the internet waters by commenting on his posts. Despite being a conservative yin to my liberal yang, Mike was a welcoming fella and that experience helped push me to decide to give blogging a try myself.

Now we balance the see-saw of political blogging in the Pee Dee like the colossal studs that we are. So happy birthday, Reino. Here's to hoping you have an enjoyable weekend and a mild break from embarrassing conservative political gaffes. A mild one only, though.

Enjoy my gift to you, Benicio Toro's very own 41st birthday cake. You have no idea what this cost me on Ebay.


pluvlaw said...


On behalf of John Ensign, I apologize. He did not realize it was your birthday and that I had wished you a mild break from republican scandal foolishness.

But don't worry. Once someone points out that the $96k would appear to be smurfing of the payoff (hitting just under IRS reporting requirements - $12k per parent to each person in the house), Ensign will once again be publicly flogged for ruining my birthday wish to you.

Mike Reino said...

Thanks P-Luv. I'm almost ashamed that my foolishness has influenced the youth of America - or is it Yutes?