Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Steele: The gift that keeps on giving

Democrats should seriously consider funding this guy's campaigns for RNC Chairman. I mean it. He is a complete joke. Check out his latest representin' of the party on healthcare:

In a Q&A at the National Press Club just now, Steele was asked if
Republicans support an individual requirement to get health care (also known as
an individual mandate).

"What do you mean by individual requirement?" he
asked the moderator. After she explained, he dodged the question.

it's one of those areas where there are different opinions...I don't do policy,"
he said. "My point in coming here was to set a tone, a theme if you will." set a tone and a theme, alright. I am seriously beginning to believe Michael Steele is in fact Shock G, and Digital Underground is doing the Humpty Dance all over the GOP. Think that's crazy? Well take a look at this:

BTW, I'm pretty sure Steele/Shock is doing the Teen Wolf dance in the pic above.

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