Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ninjas take over Sotomayor hearings!

I've had the Sotomayor confirmation hearings streaming as I work the last two days. And today, it was worth it, as I got to see Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) make his move to lock down the vote of every ninja in Utah. Hatch is smart enough to know that if he can win the ninja vote, who gives a shit about anything else. He could take over the whole state of Utah with just a few ninjas. Give him an army of them and he could take over the world!

Now that I think about it, nunchucks would probably not show up in metal detectors. Someone should alert the Capital police that on the Ultimate warrior show, the gladiator bested the ninja. It was a result I found personally offensive due to the fact that you would have to be ignorant to think a ninja would not just sneak up on a gladiator and kill them before they even knew the ninja was there. Come on.

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Mike Reino said...

Only in DC can two people talk about how to use nunchucks, and make it SO BORING !!!!!!