Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mr. Straight Talk...

Further proof that Mr. Country First is a egomaniac incapable of admitting he was willing to sell his soul (and the safety of this nation) by nominating an unqualified, idiot to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, John McCain appeared on Meet The Press this morning and performed some painful-to-watch verbal gymnastics.

Consider this exchange between McCain and Host David Gregory:

MR. GREGORY: But, but, but, Senator, you have a reputation...
SEN. McCAIN: Mm-hmm.
MR. GREGORY: ...of personal and professional
toughness and stick-to-itiveness.
SEN. McCAIN: Mm-hmm.
MR. GREGORY: You sought the highest role in the land, president
of the United States.
SEN. McCAIN: Mm-hmm.
never quit.
SEN. McCAIN: Oh, I don't think she quit. I think she
changed her priorities.

Let's check that for a second. Under Merriam-Webster's definition of "quit" as an intransitive verb (which is the use Gregory employed), there are three definitions:
1) to cease normal, expected or necessary action;
2) to give up employment; and,
3) to admit defeat.

That sounds about right to me, how about you? Apparently, Mr. Straight Talk disagrees. Oh...but the war hero did not stop there. Next came this exchange:

MR. GREGORY: She made a promise to the voters to serve out her term,
didn't she?
SEN. McCAIN: I don't know if there was a "promise," but I
do know that she will be an effective player on the national stage.

How's Webster's define promise?

1) A declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something
specified; and
2) A reason to expect something.

If you have a hard time distinguishing how running for a four-year term of office is not promising to serve those constituents for the length of that term, so do I. It would have been one thing if Palin would have won. I mean, arguably, she can better serve the people of Alaska by being Vice-President and effecting policies that will benefit Alaskans and the country as a whole from Washington, D.C. But I've got to admit, it's pretty compelling honesty for Palin and McCain to basically be admitting Alaskans are better off without Sarah Palin having any official goal in government. I would agree.

The only truth McCain managed today was this:

MR. GREGORY: But, Senator McCain, you have faced personal torture,
personal attacks, political attacks, investigations. You have never
resigned from anything. Is it consistent with your qualities of leadership
to resign an elected post like this?
SEN. McCAIN: Sure. If you think you can be...
MR. GREGORY: It is consistent?
SEN. McCAIN: If you can be--the question is, is how can you serve most effectively? Sarah and Todd and her family made a decision that she can be most effective by stepping down, and she did. I respect that, that position and that decision, and I cannot tell you the appreciation I have for her.

Sure, it's consistent with McCain's qualities of leadership. Afterall, this is a guy who thought leadership was choosing this dimwit to be his Vice-Presidential candidate. McCain thinks leadership is whatever benefits his own ass. Afterall, this is a man that watched the firefighting and rescue efforts that went on following his "bombing" of his own aircraft carrier on close-circuit tv down in the ready room. A man who has cultivated the image of heroic POW who refused to give the enemy anything, when in truth, he offered up what he knew if they would only treat his wounds. (I have no problems with someone in that position rolling. I would. But don't come back from it and remake yourself into something you were not). If you've never read the Rolling Stone article "Make-Believe Maverick," you should. John McCain is a bitter, spoiled man.

Of course, McCain thinks Palin is qualified to be President. From her brief time in the public period, we know Palin is a hothead who holds vendettas against those that cross her and that she is dangerously erratic in her quest to promote herself, often coming off as irrational in her decisions. Sounds like the Hockey Mom twin of the Naval Brat. No wonder McCain picked Palin. She's just a female version of him without the family connections.

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