Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is LeBron James hiding?

Word out of the LeBron James Skills Academy is that King James is a homophobe. At least that may be one reason why LeBron ordered Nike reps to confiscate video footage of him getting "nuts to the face" from Xavier baller Jordan Crawford during a pick-up game.

Crawford says he was on the right wing, before shooting middle, getting by one defender than catching the Great One napping underneath the basket, and posterizing James TWO-HANDED. Yowzah.

But come on, King. It's all in the game. By ordering Nike reps to confiscate the tapes from at least one freelance photographer who confirmed the incident, Ryan Miller, James is acting like an ass. Oh...and by the way, great journalism there, Miller. It's tenacity and principle like yours that brought down Nixon...not.

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