Friday, October 31, 2008

The criminal justice system is a series of tubes

This is Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK). You may remember him from the world famous "the internet is not a truck, its a series of tubes" rant.

But now he's completely full of it. Stevens was convicted recently in a corruption case. Seems the jury did not buy his argument that he did know he was receiving improper gifts when he had his home remodeled, despite the fact that he did not pay for the renovations.

So with a convicted felon as their Senator, some are calling for Stevens to step down. Here is his answer: NO!

The good senator seems to think he has not been convicted of anything until all of his appeals are exhausted. Of course, that's bunk. I've got any number of clients who will be happy to explain to Stevens that every state in the Union and the Federal Government sure do treat them like convicted felons. A whole lot of them are awaiting their appeals from behind bars. So give it a rest, Ted. Step down.

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