Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting what you deserve...

This is Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Why is her story important? Well...because it just may signal that there is hope for civilization. You see, the good Congresswoman went bat-shit crazy on Hardball.

After that McCarthy-like performance, her race got a little tighter. Seems her Democratic challenger started getting a whole heck of a lot of donations: $1.3 mil in online donations and another $1 mil for the DCCC. Now it seems the NRCC is pulling all its advertising for the good Congresswoman.

It probably did not help matters that the way she backtracked off the "anti-american" comments when the fallout started, for example by whining that Chris Matthews "trapped" her and that he used the word "anti-american." Foolishly, at the same time she was denouncing term "anti-american," she was going on conservative talkshows denouncing it like so:

And so, he was using the word “Anti-American” and I told Chris, what I question
are Barack Obama’s views. Because Barack Obama’s views are against America.

Bachmann had been looking at a pretty easy win and still may pull it out, because her district is staunchly Republican. However, if this lady's booted out of office for this crazy rant, maybe its a sign that the electorate is fed up with this kind of divisive foolishness.

I can dream, can't I?

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