Friday, October 24, 2008

Homework Assignment #2: Learn the meaning of "preconditions"

Okay. I have decided to help Sarah Palin out. Since I have declared Obama the winner of this year's election ( need to go vote, it's taken care of), from now until November 4th, I will try to help Palin prepare for her own Presidential run in 2012. I will do this by offering homework assignments, as I see the need. We'll call this assignment #2. I'm counting the post about her needing to get a copy of the Constitution as #1. Once she understands that the Vice-President does not control the Senate, she may move on to this assignment.

When foreign policy is being discussed, imposing preconditions on talks means that one side is refusing to come to the table, until the other sides gives in to some demand. It has nothing to do with "preparing" for your talks.

Let me use an example: In the video above, you look like an idiot, because you were not adequately prepared to answer a question about meeting with preconditions. Sen. McCain would be smart if he demanded you took a test proving you know what the hell you are talking about before you be allowed to do any futher interviews. You taking and passing such a test would be a precondition you are required to satisfy before you will be allowed to sit down and talk to any more of the elite media.

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