Sunday, October 26, 2008

Irresponsible race-baiting

This video is really just a "greatest hits" of Fox's coverage of the sick chick who said she was robbed and attacked by a black male after he saw her McCain sticker. Video is pretty unremarkable, until about 0:41 in, when Sadie Gurman (a reporter for the Pitt Post-Gazette) mentions "they're planning on adding a sexual assault to the case..."

The Fox anchor, some lady, interrupts to ask, "Sexual assault?"

To which Ms. Gurman elaborates, "apparently she lost consciousness at some point."

WTF is that about? Sure, lets throw some big-black-man-raping-our-innocent-white-women-gas onto the fire.

And if losing consciousness is indicative of being sexually assaulted, my college roommates have some explaining to do.

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