Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Cindy the Beer Girl

You know, like Joe the Plumber. of the McCain campaign's favorite tactics is to redefine terms so that they can claim their bullshit is true. The latest redefinition: small business.

How can I say they are "redefining" this term? Because our U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham introduced Cindy McCain as a "great small businesswoman" at a rally in Colorado. Her "small business?" The beer distributorship she inherited from her father, Hensley & Co. It is the third largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the country (that would be #3 out of 800) with revenues last year of almost $200 million.

Or how about "Bob the Boat Builder". Another McCain "small businessman" who ran a company that had revenues of $67 million last year.

Graham's introduction is especially ridiculous, because of where it took place: in Colorado! That's right, Lindsey was basically telling those folks, "hey, she's a small businessperson...just like Pete Coors. You know, the fella that runs that quaint little brewery that just so happens to be the largest brewery on a single site IN THE WORLD. You know, the same family that owns a major league baseball team, founded the Heritage Foundation and basically runs your state. Can you believe Obama wants to raise Cindy and Pete's taxes! I mean, how are these poor folks gonna make payroll?"


Mike Reino said...

Hey, give Cindy some credit.. Yeah, she got a head start, but at least she hasn't flushed the family biz down the toliet...

How many local businesses have seen the Idiot Son snort the business up his nose, or just run it into the ground?

pluvlaw said...

Mike, even you and I could manage to distribute beer and turn a marginal profit. Or at least I think we could. Maybe. We'd have sole rights for the area, right?