Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sakura and Miyami, get on the ball!

As someone who loves tuna, I have long tried to bring attention to the absence of establishments that sell and/or prepare quality tuna here in the Magic City. In fact, my personal test when I see tuna listed as the seafood special is to order it, then see if I am asked how I would like it prepared. If I don't get that question, I quickly change my order, because it is obvious the place will just cook the crap out of it. Tuna is meant to be cooked in more temperature variations than beef. If your waiter/waitress doesn't know this, it's because the place you are at doesn't either.

So since I can't get a good tuna filet/steak prepared worth a damn in this city, I have the following request of our sushi purveyors: let's get on this bandwagon. Please.

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