Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, you're a Obama person, answer this...

This is my public service announcement as we head to November 4th. By far, the question I keep hearing as the election gets closer, usually starts like this: "Hey, you're votin' for that Obama, answer me this...." And then the person cites some ridiculous crap they have "heard." Obama is a muslim. He promotes partial-birth abortions. He can't run for President, because he was really born in Kenya, etc. Of course, this is all ridiculous. More often than not, the "source" for this information is an email someone has received.

As my public service announcement, I would like to offer you this easy explanation. To these questions, pose this response:

If you believe every email you get, then why don't you order that pill that will
make your penis bigger and get in touch with that Nigerian prince who wants to
split $200 million with you.

That is all.

ps. A late hit-tip to Daniel Hudacko. A gentleman and scholar, despite the fact that he is one-half of the spawn of satan's fantasy football team: The Hudack Attack. Daniel, thanks for correcting the grammar and reminding me it's never a good idea to post after several rounds of Guiness.

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