Monday, October 20, 2008


What are these two gentlemen up to? Why they're breaking ground for this new blog: Behind the Pine Curtain.
Why a blog? For those that know me, you know I talk too much and have a wealth of useless information in my head. I have decided that maybe my own blog would be a better way of dispensing with that useless information and my opinions, rather than through constant status updates on my Facebook page.
What's with the title? "Behind the Pine Curtain" is a phrase we use to explain to outsiders, what is going on here in Florence and the Pee Dee in general. In other words, it is used to explain all the machinations that take place out of sight. If you are not from here, often things make no sense. You've got to understand, shit's different here. It is a whole different world once you cross that Pine Curtain on I-20 (roughly the Bishopville exit).
So we'll see how this goes. Maybe it lasts, maybe it doesn't. I hope some will find it interesting. I hope none find it offensive. Now that I think about it, I just hope some find it, period.
Oh, well...enjoy

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