Thursday, December 11, 2008

Biggest idiot in Top Chef history???

So one of my favorite shows is Top Chef. If you watched last night's episode, you probably thought what I did: "Geez...Danny is a moron."

I mean...I've known he was a moron from day one, just look at his facial hair. What the hell is that about?

But last night, this guy proved he is as dumb as a bag of hammers. First off, he decided it would be a "nice surprise" if the diners found some mushrooms at the bottom of the salad Carla had prepared for their team dish, so he put them in. Of course, he did this without asking Carla, nor his other team member, Gene. That was not only incredibly rude, but it was plain stupid. Now, he's married to Carla's dish. If it sucks, he contributed to it.

However, where he really showed his lack of brains, was at the judge's table. I always love it when the judges clearly think something sucked and they ask the chef about it. These idiots always seem to think "standing behind their dish" is the most important thing. Look, Einstein...when the judges have just spent that last 5 minutes talking about how bland your "surprise mushrooms" were, maybe you should "admit" you could have seasoned them more. And when they have spent the whole time talking about what a disaster your team's plate was, you certainly do not say you thought it was great and you stand behind it.

But his stupidity did not stop there. When explaining his exit, he commented that the judges made a bad call, but bad calls happen all the time. Like in football, when Barry Sanders is running the ball, someone grabs his jersey and everyone sees it, but the refs don't call it.

Great analogy there, Danny. BTW, someone grabbing a running backs jersey is not a penalty, it would be an attempted tackle. You apparently know as much about football as you do about cooking.

What a moron.

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