Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not hard to see this coming

It really was not too farfetched to think that Francis Buxton would move to Chicago, start killing people and burying them under his house. I mean, he did steal Pee Wee's bike.

Interesting fact I did not know, Gacy received Secret Service clearance. Check out this photo of Gacy and first lady Rosalynn Carter.

Surprisingly, this photo caused quite a bit of embarrassment for the Service. Apparently it shows Gacy wearing a special "S" pin which means Gacy received special clearance. Gacy most likely received special clearance because he was a precinct captain with the Democratic party. Come on...what do you expect? This is Chicago afterall. I'm sure his ability to walk in with approximately 30 votes to his poll carried a lot of weight with the Machine.

In all candor, the SS clearance doesn't surprise me. In my former life, I dealt with them on a counterfeit case. We had video not only showing someone use a counterfeit bill, but with our card system, we could follow them all over the park, getting multiple video angles and shots on them. To my surprise, when the agent went to leave, he wanted to know if they could "borrow" my VCR. Seems they didn't have a time lapse VCR. What the f*ck? I've got to think that's pretty standard equipment for a field office. Seems SS ain't all what we think it is.

BTW, how about the tag line for Pee Wee's Big Adventure's movie posters? "You will believe a man can ride a bike." And Phil Hartman helped write it. IMDB is full of fun facts.

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