Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How about a little Christmas Duck

Since it was actually a winter morning this am, I rolled out of bed and met Chris and Sadie (she's the one pictured with the fur) in Darlington for a little mud-crawl/duck shoot.

3 Mallards and 4 Woodies later, not a bad morning. Almost makes up for me missing out on any money in the fantasy league by 1 FREAKING POINT! Thanks a lot Devin Hester.

Anyway, we'll be slicing up some duck breast and wrapping the pieces in bacon along with some cream cheese and jalapeno peppers for some Duck Bombs ala Florence. Beat that Top Chef.

1 comment:

Mike Reino said...

Sounds deelish! Remind me not to be around you when your armed..

Devin Hester breaks your heart everytime!