Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oops...I did it again

Lesson #1 for readers of this blog:

I'm an idiot.

Lesson #2:

I have no patience.

Perhaps it was those two factors that lead me to incorrectly attribute the Johnsonville/Kingsburg proposed Coal Plant to Progress Energy instead of the correct company, Santee Cooper.

You would think someone who was actually quoting a post from two months ago would notice the company in the quote. You would be wrong. Anyway, thanks to reader Scott, who corrected me. Scott, who works for Progress, also notified me that Progress Energy also has a self-imposed moratorium on proposing new coal plants. Which means Progress Energy is ahead of the curve. Let's hope the other power companies in our area follow suit.

Finally, my apologies to Progress Energy and its employees.

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Mike Reino said...

P-Luv, there is a primary tenent of blogging...

"I Blog, Therefore, I Fuck Up." Welcome to the Club!