Friday, December 12, 2008

The Constitution rears its head...

Just like religious yahoo Sarah Palin predicted about that pesky little Putin head, The Constitution has reared it's head in little old South Carolina and put a halt to our own religious fanatics' attempt to create a jihad here in South Cackilacky.

Yesterday, US District Judge Cam Currie ordered South Carolina to freeze plans to produce a special “I Believe” license plate, refund motorists who have prepaid for the plates and direct them to make a different selection. Judge Currie ruled the plates amount to state-sponsored religious preference.

Of course, the Judge is right. These plates are ridiculous. The state should in no way be producing something declaring anyone's religious preferences.

But here's the fun part...we will now be subject to any number of religious persons here in SC complaining that this is an attack on their religion. That it is political correctness run amuck. That Currie is an "activist" judge and any other load of horseshit.

Folks...if you want to pimp your God, go ahead. I know you're going to do it anyway. But you don't get to use the State to do it, no matter how many legislators and people believe in the same things you do. Why? Because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The fact that Henry "Have you heard, I'm running for Guv'ner" McMaster thinks it is constitutional, just shows you what a great steward of the constitution we have representing the people of South Carolina.

So when all these politicians and community leaders walk out in front of microphones to offer up their support for this righteous cause, remember this: they all took an oath to uphold the Constitution and they are all ignoring the hell out of that document for their own selfish reasons.

If you're offended because I put up a picture of a religious fanatic carrying a RPG in his quest to convert the world to his particular religion, good. Because that means you're the same type of person who thinks everyone should share the same religious beliefs as you, which is the very same train of thought that leads to that kind of violence.

And what the hell is the state doing hiring Nelson Mullins to rep the DMV? In a time where we appear to be cutting the budget every two weeks, we're spending taxpayer money to defend this blatantly unconstitutional crap? Where is "less government is what we need" Governor Sanford in all this? I mean, after all, he could have stopped this colossal waste of taxpayer money by vetoing it. I mean, we all know he has no problems vetoing stuff. But no...Marky Mark took the cowards way out and did not veto or sign the damn thing. Of course, by vetoing it, he would have offended all the god-fearing christians in the State, and we all know reelection comes before principles. But he could not have signed it and ran for President, because even he knows its blatantly unconstitutional. Hence the do-nothing move. Way to roll strong, Guv.

The very best religion of all time is still summed up in the words of Abraham Lincoln: "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion."

Word, Abe.

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