Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blowhard of the Day Award

Meet Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.), the former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and apparently National Socialist (just kidding...I think).

Why is Tom winning today's blowhard award? Because of his comments about one of the two stories the media seems to be transfixed with now. The first is of course some little thing going on in Chicago. The second, is the talk of dynasty politics by the Dems.

A quick comment on the Blagojevich scandal. Say what you want about the scandal itself, but is it not nice to have a President-elect who sends his top people out and they actually face and answer questions from the media? I watched Morning Joe this morning and watched Scarborough and Axelrod go at it for a good 3 minutes. It was fascinating. I had forgotten what it looked like to actually watch the media ask questions that matter and see the interviewee actually attempt to answer the questions asked, not just jabber unrelated talking points.

But back to Tom. Lets forget the fact that he's a member of the party of George W. Bush and he's opening his piehole to condemn dynastic politics. Here's the actual nonsense he let out into the public:

"Democrats seem to lack a common man who can just win a good, old-fashioned
election," Reynolds said.

Tom, really? That's an argument you want to propose? After a mixed-race, foreign-named upstart whupped your lily-white war hero's ass, you want to make that argument? What...was he part of that Kenyan-Hawaiian cabal that has ruled American politics for so long? I must have missed that.

In fact, it seems to me, Democrats did a pretty good job of winning a great many good, old-fashioned elections just over a month ago. So shut up, Tom. You look like a jag-off.

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