Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Decider decides he made a crappy decision

Don't cry, Georgie. Maybe you can get a do-over.

Meet the Toussies. The younger one is Isaac, a real estate scammer from Brooklyn. To his left is dear old dad Robert. One might call Isaac President Bush's Marc Rich. What's the problem? Well...apparently, all the PR folks at the White House are already on vacation (If there ever were any to begin with). You see, President Bush issued 19 pardons yesterday and Isaac Toussie got one. And it just so happens his dad had contributed almost $30K to the RNC. So Bush is pardoning a man who defrauded homeowners in the midst of the greatest home crisis we've ever seen. Oops.

For an example of the bad press Bush started getting (isn't "bad press" really kind of redundant with this yahoo?), check here.

Well...anyway, the Decider is a little upset he's taking such heat for this decision, so he's decided to change his mind. The problem is, can he? Josh Marshall has a good rundown on the question of whether or not Bush can rescind his pardon. Surprise, turns out it is a constitutional question. Someone get Cheney on the phone...we need a way around the Constitution, STAT!

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