Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dick Cheney is a d*ckhead

Seriously...our outgoing Vice President has done more to harm the United States of America than any politician I can think of. And in classic crumdgeon-style, he's leaving office and "to hell with all of you!"

Slate has an article up showing just how full of shit Cheney is. The most telling passage I think is:

"On the question of so-called torture, we don't do torture. We never have. It's
not something that this administration subscribes to. Again, we proceeded very
cautiously. We checked. We had the Justice Department issue the requisite
opinions in order to know where the bright lines were that you could not cross."
Yet just a few moments later, when asked whether water-boarding a prisoner was
appropriate, he said yes, adding that he was even involved in clearing the
technique as part of the interrogation program.

Cheney says water-boarding is not torture. That question has been resolved as a legal matter for centuries and is not actually open to relitigation on ABC News. Water-boarding has been deemed torture and prosecuted as a war crime in this country. It violates, among other things, the Convention Against Torture, the War Crimes Act, and the U.S. anti-torture statute. Its illegality is neither an open question nor a close one. Yet again, the handful of people—including Dick Cheney—who maintain that torture is completely legal corresponds almost perfectly to the number of people who could be prosecuted for war crimes because it is not.

There you have it. A man that never served, who avoided actual combat, therefore never had to worry about falling into enemy hands and being mistreated, is so self-righteous as to to brag about how "we don't torture" when every rational human knows the techniques he is admitting to using is in fact torture. And by the way...THAT SHIT DOES NOT WORK!

Cheney's true harm to the country won't be known for years. But I fear that one day, in the not too distant future, our country will suffer a fatal attack, carried out by people who were filled with a hatred for our country by the suffering they underwent at the direction of this "patriot," Dick Cheney. Kudos...Angler. I hope you are proud of yourself.

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