Monday, December 1, 2008

Someone get me Donaghy

Tina Brown has a good article wondering what the hell is taking NBC so long to name a host for Meet the Press. Brokaw has been filling in for 5 months, but personally, I think he stinks. It's not Tom's fault...the format just ain't his style. He does not want to hold people's feet to the fire, he wants to write books about WWII-era America. As Brown notes:
Brokaw’s interview yesterday with Laura Bush—flanked as a safety measure by
Afghanistan's ambassador to the U.S., Said Jawad—was exhibit A in a form of TV
whose day has passed. The only things viewers wanted to know from the First Lady
were (a) what medication got her through the last eight years, (b) how it felt
being married to a walking catastrophe, and (c) what she really thought about
Michelle Obama when she came to the White House. If we really want to know about
Afghanistan, is Laura Bush the first name that springs to mind? Wouldn't we
rather hear from someone steeped in knowledge of the place who could advance our
Jack Donaghy would not stand for this. He would have subbed in two weeks of MILF Island reruns before naming Ivana Trump as the host, purely as a personal shot at the Donald.

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