Monday, December 29, 2008

Television Best lists

Alan Sepinwall, of "What's Alan Watching," has his best of 2008 lists up. Instead of blatantly stealing from him, just click this link and check out his lists.

I agree with a lot of his choices. Without a doubt, The Shield and The Wire are #s 1 and 2 respectively. And I agree with why he has The Shield above The Wire for this year.

I also understand why he left 30 Rock off the Tops list, but included it in his "Best of the Rest." The lack of episodes may justify it, but that show consistently has some of the smartest comedy lines on tv. (The "I bought a black apartment" he mentions being one of them).

Check out his lists, as each entry has embedded video so you can check out some of the shows. By the way, AMC, can we please have a Mad Men marathon over the Holidays so those of us who have not been with it can catch up. Thanks.

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