Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glad she's not getting the 3am calls

Meet US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).

Unless you've ignored the news the last two days, you probably know that this blowhard from Florida hung up the phone twice when President-elect Obama tried to contact her. First, on the man himself, then on his Chief-of-Staff (and her congressional college) Rahm Emanuel. In her defense, apparently Ileana learned her lesson when Palin got pranked by those tricky Canucks. What really shows her lack of savvy is the fact that she has been on umpteen news shows since, seemingly proud of what an idiot she was, bragging that "that one" won't be forgetting her anytime soon.

But, if you know Ileana, all this is no big surprise. She's been a regular on Maher's show for quite some time and I've always been shocked at how little she has to add to any conversation. She is, afterall, a United States Congressperson, so you would think she would have somewhat informed opinions and be at least moderately adept at expressing them. You would, of course, be mistaken.

It ain't just in front of the cameras that Ileana drops the ball. I heard a news item yesterday about Obama and Cuba and right away I figured this is what he was reaching out to Ileana for. If you've ever seen her on the tube, you know that she routinely sits there saying nothing, until Israel or Cuba come up, at which point she starts adamantly saying nothing (in blatant attempts to pander to her constituents). But as Miami - Riptide 2.0 reports:
And, here is the actual important thing! She passed up the chance to work with a
powerful incoming President on policy she and her constituents feel passionate
about. Obama had called her to discuss Cuba and Israel policy, and when he
finally got her on the phone, instead of making sure that her personal views or
those of Miamians were known to the man who will soon be the most powerful in
the world, she "asked Obama to please consult with Senator Bob Menendez and
Congressman Albio Sires on Cuba policy and to rely on Secretary of State
designate Clinton on Israel, two issues about which Ros-Lehtinen feels
passionately." Don't we elect her to make sure things get done and make sure we
have a voice in Washignton? Then when the President-elect calls her to
provide the chance to do that, she defers him to two Democratic Reps in
New Jersey.

What the f*ck? The President-elect reaches out to get your ideas on your main concerns and you tell him to check with someone else? Way to step up there, Ileana.

Plus, how creepy is this pic? Is Jeb enjoying that embrace a little too much?

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