Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There's a new Wolf Buddy in town

You can't really blame Drew Brees for getting sacked by Teen Wolf's right-hand man, can you?

Tampa Bay Buc DE Greg White has changed his name to Stylez G. White. Why?

White said he picked his new name from a character in the 1985 movie “Teen
Wolf,’’ starring Michael J. Fox.
“That was his best friend’s name,’’ White
said. “I always liked that name. It’s not that I don’t like Greg White.’’
the movie, Fox’s friend is named Rupert “Stiles’’ Stilinski. White changed the
spelling and adopted the name as his own.an, now can you?

That's right folks, the #1 Wolf Buddy is back.

Of course, Stiles best line, when asked by the Wolf if he knows about a rash going around: "No, but I heard Mr. Murphy, you know the shop teacher? Got his dick caught in a vaccum cleaner."

Stylez G. White, we salute you.

Hattip, Lonnie Wise.

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