Monday, December 29, 2008

From Worst to First

Yo...Fireman Ed, how'd you like to have Chad Pennington back now, huh?

That's right, my Dolphins completed the best turnaround in NFL history, going from 1-15 last year, to AFC East Champs this year.

How'd they do it? Some creative ass coaching. Lets face it, they still don't have the best talent in the world. Dan Henning who was thought dead when he left Charlotte turned in an awesome year, even if you don't count the Wildcat, which QB coach David Lee brought from Arkansas. The Phins ran so many different plays out and shifts out of the same formations and personnel, that they really confused the hell out of defenses all year.

But mainly, the turnaround can be attributed to finally getting a QB1. Pennington proved the best leader at the QB position the team has had since number 13 hung them up and start losing weight with Nutrasystem. Now, I don't blame the Jets for looking to replace Pennington. Seems like he was almost stuck in one of those "had-to-go" situations. But rule #1 is always replace your QB with a better QB before pulling the plug. Favre has been surviving on his name and anyone who paid attention would have realized maybe he wasn't the best choice for a team that plays in the Meadowlands, unless that team had no reason to want to win games in December.

Images courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel.

By all accounts, Pennington was headed into the season in the best shape of his life. He says he worked with a trainer all summer to increase his core strength, thinking a stronger core would help with his shoulder and arm issues. Looks like he was right, as he wound up being the better deep passer than Lord Legend this year.

Way to go 'Phins. Now you better bring it to beat Ray-Ray and Company.

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