Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 CPAC Results: is your "new direction."

So, the 2009 CPAC meeting is over. This was an important meeting for conservatives. They just got their teeth kicked in via the November elections and the latest NY Times/CBS poll shows President Obama with a job approval rating at 63%.

6 in 10 Republicans said they thought the President was trying to work with the Republicans, while only 3 in 10 Republicans thought the Republicans were trying to work with the President.

63% of poll respondents said Republicans opposed the legislation for political reasons, not policy ones. 79% said Republicans should now be working in a bipartisan manner rather than holding fast with their policies. 56% of those surveyed said Mr. Obama’s priority should be following the policies he proposed during the campaign last year, rather than working with Republicans. In case you miss the significance of this, that means almost 80% think the Republicans policies are crap tha won't get us out of the fix we're in and they think the GOP needs to get with the President's program.

So facing a popular president and a skeptical public, Republicans have quite the hole to climb out of. So who does it look like they are turning to for that climb?

How about Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Romney, for the 3rd time in 3 years, won the Presidential straw poll. Good luck, Mitt.

Newt was the man who rolled out the Republicans' bold new visionary plan: "American Solutions Winning the Future." I'll save you some time, its nothing but tax cuts, a drill-baby-drill energy proposal and kill-the-unions "workers' rights" program. If this sounds like a blast from the past, is.

Congrats on the bold, new vision, guys. Way to go. On behalf of all liberals, thank you.

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