Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injury is 4 miles per hour...

That gives us a radius of 32 miles. What I want out of each and everyone of you is a hard target search of every residence, warehouse, farmhouse, hen house, outhouse and doghouse in that area.

In case you missed it, there is a manhunt on in Florence. Law Enforcement stopped a vehicle on I-95 this morning around 9 am. While an officer was questioning the driver outside the car, one of the two remaining passengers hopped in the driver's seat and took off. After leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase down US-76, the car crashed around Delmae Elementary School and the two suspects went rabbit into the nearby woods. One was caught, the other is still on the lam. Law Enforcement has said they recovered two kilos of cocaine.

Folks, herein lies the problem with the war on drugs. Now, it appears from the local reporting, it was the Florence County Sheriff's Office that initiated the stop. I said during the elections the problems I have with FCSO running traffic. The fact of the matter is they aren't running traffic, they are trying to get into your car. Why? Because they want to search it and find illegal drugs. Why? Because it grabs headlines and helps garner the FCSO props in law enforcement circles.

Here's the problem...that is all the stops do. They are not curbing crime in Florence. For instance, this dope was not coming to Florence (Sheriff Boone is quoted as saying it was not coming to the Pee Dee). Yet, because of the stop, we have a possibly armed person, of unknown danger roaming the swamps and woods in the heart of our city. He's doing this after he and his buddy led cops on a high speed chase down a busy residential road and, according to the news accounts, crashed into an elementary school yard playground.

WHY? What good did this traffic stop have for Florence? Really for the world in general. When they write the history of our civilization, they will laugh at our feeble attempts to stop the most long-standing and natural human pastime of all time: altering your mind and/or your state of consciousness. And when the future looks at all the money we wasted on trying to stop something we could not, while so many other problems we faced went unanswered, they will know why we eventually became extinct. We were not pragmatic. And we were stupid.

We've been losing the war on drugs since it began. It has no led to armed Jamaicans running loose in our neighborhoods and cars crashing in our schoolyards.

Lets listen to this lady:

Stop the insanity.

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Mike Reino said...

I love you man, but if you have a picture of Susan Powter again, I might have to stop reading the blog!