Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey, Buffalo...Enjoy.

Wow...that didn't take long. The consensus opinion about TO to the Bills, was that it was a good move for this year. Why? Because as every pundit from the Around the Horn guys to Peter King says, "he always behaves and gives you one good year."

Well...if this was one of those crime procedurals, like Criminal Minds, right now, that little geeky kid would be pointing out to the rest of the squad right now, that the unsub's time table is getting shorter and shorter. He's progressing. He's killing teams quicker and quicker. They've got to stop him. And Now.

You see, TO is 81. 81 is his. The fact that James Hardy is No. 81 apparently means nothing to TO. In the NFL, it is customary when an established player arrives at a new team, if a player has that guys number, he negotiates for it. TO apparently thinks he ain't got to do that. Because despite the fact he knows Harday wears 81, when he looked in his locker, the Bills had a Bills 81 jersey with his name.

So oblivious to the need of a new kid to make nice, TO says, I got 81. Ain't my problem.

Stay classy, TO.

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Mike Reino said...

P-Luv, you've obviously never been to Buffalo. If you did, you would know one simple, undeniable fact - this is ALL Buffalo has ! They're toasting T.O. with a warm can of Genesee Beer as we speak...

Da' Bills Rule !!!!!