Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad Brains documentary

If you are 30+ years old and you did not grow up on a commune, ship at sea or in a hospital due to being in a coma, you know the band Bad Brains. Formed in 1977, the hardcore-reggae-punk of this quartet introduced as many white kids my age to the Rastafari movement as Bob Marley and his Wailers.

Their 1986 album "I against I" is still in regular rotation on my Ipod. Lead singer H.R.'s lyrics to the song "Sacred Love" were infamously recorded via the phone, while he doing a bit in jail on a cannabis charge. The album was their most successful and I seriously doubt there is a single person my age who was into skateboarding that did not own it.

Anyway, there is apparently a Bad Brains documentary in the works. Check out the video below (hattip, Evan).

Bad Brains_teaser

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