Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thai House & Sushi Bar #2 Blessing and Grand Opening

Florence has a new Thai restaurant: Thai House & Sushi #2. It's located on the corner of Dargan and Cheves Street, in the old Cornerstone Cafe building. Today, the owners, Lom and Amy, had a blessing ceremony for the restaurant to which they invited family and friends. The owners happen to be close friends with Von's family, so we went with the Mayor, First Lady and John Wukela.

I can't really do a proper review, as it was the kind of meal where they just served us a whole bunch of stuff. Just as when I eat at my future in-laws, I had no idea what I was eating most of the time, I just know it tastes good. We did get to sample some sushi rolls and they were not bad.

If you want some traditional Thai, this is the place. There are also some Lao items on the menu, like Laab and the Papaya Salad. Needless to say, Von is pumped and you will be seeing us at this restaurant a good deal. I'm excited that some family and friends of Von are now here. It will be like a little bit of home for the old lady, which is nice.

It was pretty cool to get to see the monk blessing and chants. Here are some of the monks:

Don't ask me why the one monk is in a bright orange robe as opposed to the others. I asked Von and after trying to fake an answer for 45 seconds, she gave up and said she had no idea. She says it does not matter. I call BS on that.

Thai House and Sushi Bar #2 is open Monday thru Saturday at 11am. Check. It. Out.


Mike Reino said...

Looks good. I saw the Facebook pics, and I see you were hanging with my old RED buddy, Peggy and he husband. Tell them I said hey...

Wayne Grantham said...

do they have a phone number?