Friday, March 27, 2009

Early to finish, I was late to start...

Emailing with a friend today, he made a joke related to a picture some folks ripped from Facebook and posted on a local Republican page. The pic has the Mayor of Florence pictured in a Minor Threat shirt.

Ignoring the fact that you are clueless if you think someone our age being a Minor Threat fan is somehow a bad thing (Google: straight edge movement, people), it got me surfing You Tube today in an effort to find some old Minor Threat video.

Low and behold, someone has put the Minor Threat segment from the infamous punk documentary, Another State of Mind, up. It's a good 5 minutes of Ian MacKaye explaining the reasoning behind his being straight edge, which created the movement. It's also got footage from the legendary Baltimore concert where the Threat kept on playing without PAs.

I pass this video on, especially for my friend since the first grade...Jaime, aka "unknown." It was a damn accident we stumbled across this documentary one late night in Brandon Woods. I'm certain we were cruising Cinemax to find some T&A. But instead we came across a hair-dying, eye-makeup wearing Mike Ness and crew and said, whoa...

So, for Mr. Unknown, I offer this:

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