Saturday, March 14, 2009

Check out the (not so) big brain on Mark Sanford.

I don't believe the video below is a "hit piece" on Gov. Mark Sanford, because it is completely true and has not taken any of Sanford's comments and twisted them around or anything. He really believes it is good to turn down $700 million in stimulus money, $500 million of which would be used to fill in gaps in the state budget and keep 7500 teachers from being pink slipped. (One wonders who it's good for. It obviously ain't the people of SC. Must be good for "Presidential Candidate Sanford." Glad we could all help, Guv).

But lets just say CNN is apparently being run by Mr. Marcellus Wallace now.

To my Republican friends, you really are considering a guy who just got Pwned! by an eighth-grader as your candidate in 2012? Or as a serious party intellectual? OK.

To Governor Sanford, I'd like to paraphrase Jon Stewart: I know you're trying to set yourself apart and position yourself to be your party's Presidential Candidate in 2012, but it's not a f*ckin' game.

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