Friday, March 20, 2009

Check Your Head...Again.

March 30th, the Beastie Boys will reissue the album that led millions of white boys across the world to wear beanies and drink 40s.

"Check" dropped in 1992, my junior year of high school and we kicked that thing to death, all the way through college. In fact, me and my roommates were literally the illest motherf*ckers on Gardenia (off of S. Holly in Columbia).

Any way, I'll leave it with my favorite lyric from my favorite B-boy song of all time:

"I'm a go to Joe and Tony's and get my hair cut nice..."


Mike Reino said...

I'm gonna date myself here, but I'm a 'License to Ill' guy.. One of my favorite stories is when I yelled the following during a 1987 kegger at my house.... "Who the fuck stole my License to Ill and Slippery When Wet ??"

pluvlaw said...

Those two together sound like a double-action two-fer on Cinemax late at night...