Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Megyn Kelly doubles down on BS

Perhaps emboldened by the fact that no one at FOXNews actually cares whether their "news" is true, Ms. Kelly decided to up the ante about the horseshit talking point the GOP has been spouting about the High Speed Rail money. Ms. Kelly, decided to see just how far she could go on the BS meter and spun this gem:
It's a super railroad, of sorts -- a line that will deliver customers straight
from Disney, we kid you not, to the doorstep of the moonlight bunny ranch
brothel in Nevada. I say, to the moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada. So
should your tax dollars be paying for these kinds of projects?
That's right, America. If the Democrats have their way, you are liable to think you're putting your kid on the monorail, only to be sending them to see Air Force Amy. I kid you not.

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