Monday, January 12, 2009

The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome of 2008

This link is good. Some of my favorites:

-About Mary Matalin: From Chief of Staff for original Mayberry Machiavelli Lee Atwater to Adviser to George W. Bush, Counselor to Dick Cheney and member of the best sales team in history, the White House Iraq Group, Matalin has served in more unholy positions than Jenna Jameson

-About Frank Caliendo: The retarded man's Rich Little

-Peggy Noonan: An opinion columnist is supposed to express her opinion, not ours

-John Fund (who apparently was asleep the last 8 years): “Republicans focus more on the rule of law.”

-Michelle Malkin: It’s a remarkable achievement in unconscious projection that the author of a book called Unhinged could lose her fucking marbles over a patterned scarf in a donut ad

-Rick Warren: Warren had a big year hosting a presidential forum at his gay-sounding Saddleback Church,

-Dick Cheney: The amount of medical resources devoted to keeping this black hole of decency operational could have cured cancer by now, but if they had, Cheney would make sure to keep it a secret. Since Watergate, Cheney’s been fighting to rehab Nixon’s image, and he has succeeded in a way, by showing us all just how much worse a presidency can be.

-McCain: McCain pretended to give a shit about America, and then he picked a vapid ambition-hound to succeed him. His response to the economic crisis might as well have been to punch himself in the face

-Palin: If you want to know why the rest of the world is scared of Americans, consider the fact that after two terms of disastrous rule by a small-minded ignoramus, 46% of us apparently thought the problem was that he wasn’t quite stupid enough. Palin’s unending emissions of baffling, evasive incoherence should have disqualified her for any position that involved a desk, let alone placing her one erratic heartbeat from the presidency.

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