Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picks...get your picks here!

So, as I sit her watching Juno with the lady (BTW...very funny movie) and try to get my core temp back after wading/standing around in frozen Santee this morning, I realized I better go ahead and bang out my picks for tomorrow. A 2-2 first round gave way to a disappointing 1-3 week last go round. But the 1 pick was the big upset of the week. Let this be a lesson to you all...Never, ever trust Jake Delhome. If you look closely right now, you can still see Larry Fitzgerald streaking down the field


So, when I picked the Cards to cover last week, I cited 3 red flags and this was one:

Everyone likes the Panthers and I mean everyone. Even Cardinal fans and Arizona
radio guys are admitting they're going to get killed. That means, once again,
that Kurt Warner and his wife have been hearing that they have no chance for a
whole week. If you don't think they don't have chips on their shoulders about
that, then you don't know the extremes born-again Christians go to in order to
feel persecuted.

In this week's column, one of the Sportsguy's readers brought up a report where apparently, Brenda Warner told their kids that they could have a puppy if the Cards won the Super Bowl. That resulted in the following observation from Simmons: Don't bet against God and Puppies.

Did you realize that the Cards have beaten the Seahawks and could possibly face the Ravens in the SuperBowl? That would make the Cardinal the dominant bird in the NFL.

Add in the fact that they also beat the Panthers, from Charlotte, where a plane was headed that was downed by a "double bird strike" and what does it all mean? I don't know. BTW, we all now have a new phrase in our life: double bird strike. Sounds like a cocktail.

I do know this:

1) Donovan McNabb is starting to get cocky again. You can see it. I don't know what it is about DNab, but he has a way of coming across like a prick. Simmons is right, that phone gag seems like a lot of his actions, forced. He just seems to try a little too hard. Obviously, he ain't that easy of a guy to warm up to. How do I know...because a good part of that locker room sided with TO over him. And we know TO is an asshole. I really think McNabb was doomed because of the way Philly fans reacted to his being drafted. I don't think the relationship has ever really overcome that initial reaction.

2) Andy Reid grows facial hair about as badly as I do.

3) Westbrook is the key to the Eagles. Sorry DNab. And he's hurt.

4) Ken Whisenhunt can taste the matchup against his old employer (Pitt) and he wants to do his part. Apparently, after that asskicking in Foxboro, the Cards were stuck in that plane forever on the way home because of the weather. Those guys stewed in that the entire way home. Whisenhunt apparently got up and told the whole team, if you want to play better show up in practice. The us against the world force is strong with this team.

5) Kurt Warner, God and puppies does in fact form a powerful triumvirate for victory.

6) Boldin is back.

7) If there is a God, he will spare us from an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl.

I don't want the points, I don't need the points, but I'll take the points.

My pick: Cardinals getting 6


The Ravens had no business winning that game last week. I stand by my earlier assessment of the Ravens after the Miami game. I think they are very good team. They have a great defense and running game. And they have been incredibly lucky. But a great team does not win the turnover battle like that over just a decent offense and not have the game in control easily in the 4th.

The fact that Big Ben's concussion was a spinal concussion concerns me, but he certainly looked ok last week.

Hines Ward has not showered or brushed his teeth all week. He says he's gonna be too stank to cover.

Terrell Suggs, or TSizzy, has been talking some smack and now it looks like he may not play. Neither could Samari Rolle.

It's Baltimore versus Pittsburgh. Get ready to hear the announcers fall all over themselves during the game to gush about how these guys are just "football players." How the game is just plain old fashioned hit you in the mouth tough football. If Dan Dierdorf was doing this game, he'd probably be making his O face 15-20 times during the course of the game. And I think Flacco makes 2 or 3 big mistakes this game. The Unibrow is going down like the Unibomber.

Alas, I think the Cardinal will be denied the chance to claim their dominance over every other bird, because I think Pittsburgh wins. But I don't see them covering.

My pick: Ravens getting the 6

For the record...I have decided a Double Bird Strike is a shot of Wild Turkey followed by a Grey Goose Martini chaser. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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Mike Reino said...

I concur with the picks, P-Luv, although I have the Steelers covering.

A shot of Wild Turkey followed by a Grey Goose Martini definitely will shut your engines down....