Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Munch slams the Peacock

Yowza! The Belz was at PBS' press day as part of a panel on George Carlin posthumously receiving the Mark Twain prize. As Alan Sepinwall reports, during a lull in the question, someone asked Belz whether he was worried about his gig on Law & Order SVU now that NBC is giving Leno the keys to primetime.

"Fortunately, 'Special Victims Unit' is the only hit dramatic series left
on the big peacock," he said. "So I'm not worried, frankly. We're very lucky to
be starting our 10th year. We'll be moving to 9 o'clock, obviously."

Jay Leno is, of course, going to be on every night, meaning thousands of
people will be out of work, actors, producers, writers, wardrobe people. It may
be good for comedy in limited way, but it's a terrible, terrible trend for
network television to take five hours of primetime... I'm not denigrating Jay or
the show. I just think it's a network that is desperate."

After noting that "I'm already signed" to a contract and therefore can say
what he wants, Belzer called the Leno move "the last gasp of a dying network
that could turn out to be brilliant in terms financially, but in terms of actors
and writers and producers, I think it's a tragedy."

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