Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rosetta Stone: Traitors

I'm surfing the web with the tube on Paladium HD, Pearl Jam's Storytellers just ended--great episode. During a commercial break, a commercial comes on for Rosetta Stone Language Learning.

Anyway, during the commercial, the voiceover explains that Rosetta Stone is so good, its used by the State Department and the Department of Defense.

Where the hell do they get off giving away state secrets, huh? Go ahead, RosettaStone. Why don't you just give the terrorists an easy link where they can learn our sophisticated intelligence gathering techniques.

Where are all the Country First folks on this?

BTW, did you know Vedder wrote Betterman when he was like 18 and just had the song sitting there for like 4 years before he broke it out and showed it to the band. How crazy is that. It may be the best crowd participation song of the last 2 decades. Check it below and understand why Eddie commented after during their Lollapolluza gig , "F*cking beautiful, man."

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