Saturday, January 3, 2009

Suuuhweeeet: Tony Hawk making it rain on Columbia Skaters

Messing around on the net, I came across this story on The State.

The Tony Hawk Foundation has donated $25K to the new skatepark the City of Columbia is building over at Owens Field (the old downtown airport).

I lived right at Owens Field during undergrad and they got a park similar to Florence's park for while I was there. (Kevin, Mike and I were, to paraphrase a line from the Beasties, the illest motherf*ckers on Gardenia). Apparently, the City of Columbia is kickin' in to the tune of $450K to build an all concrete park for the Capital City's mopheads. In fact, the amount that the City had committed was one of the reasons they got $25K from Hawk's foundation (only two other communities got similarly sized grants. 24 others received smaller grants).

Can I just say how spoiled these kids are today? Not to sound like an old fuddy, duddy, but we spent our time building our own ramps, railsliding on light poles laid down on the driveway, or driving out to the Evergreen lumber mill and skating in their cement drainage ditch (which was nothing but straight angles and skin-shredding "brushed" concrete).

Anyway, if Mayor Bob can build a park like the one in Burnie (Tasmania, AS) above, perhaps someone in South Cackilack can be the one to find Animal Chin.

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