Monday, January 5, 2009

Minnesotans, meet your new United States Senator

Looks like it is all over but the shouting in Minnesota. And it only took 62 days. Al Franken has been certified as the winner by the State Canvassing board, by about 225 votes.

And let me tell you something, I know a thing or two about election challenges. And I can tell you, once that panel signs that certification sheet, its gonna take some kind unadulterated criminal activity being unearthed for a court to overturn the certified results.

Trust me. I know. I've been in a room with people arguing. I've been the one to point out the count was certified and there ain't shit that can change it. I've had a Supreme Court prove we were right. The Canvassing board could come back now and say they screwed up. Would not matter. It's over.

Franken will be Minnesota's new Senator. I look forward to it. He spoke at the Koger Center when I was in school. I watched him take questions from the audience for a good 35-40 mintues and he was pretty damn sharp. Plus he's funny as hell. Check out that SNL book, where he talks about the first coke purchase he and Davis made. Good stuff.


Mike Reino said...

Congrats to Pete Tagliani! Funny Guy though. I read 'Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat, Idiot', and he had a whole chapter on his game winning play at the Hyannis Football game - including the diagram...

pluvlaw said...

You have to admit, the part where he did the fake interviews (mimicing someone else...I forget who), asking questions then posting "answers" consisting of prior utter statements was funny.

I don't know if he'll be a good senator, but he is funny.

pluvlaw said...
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