Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're all just a little bit Irish

There's tons of reason to love the Emerald Isle. I've placed just a few of them above. However, its none of the above that give Republican Politicians the vapors. What Irish items has them all hot and heavy? Irish Taxes!

It's a myth they love to pimp when complaining about how tough our tax rate is on corporations. You may remember McCain using this same argument shortly during the campaign, saying American business pays 35%. Businesses in Ireland pay 11%. Where would you locate? Of course, it's a ridiculous argument because it ignores the fact that the Irish tax system got that low by closing loopholes in exchange for lowering the rate. As Benen notes, it ignores the fact that 2/3rds of US Corporations don't pay taxes, that the US is the #1 country to do business in and that Ireland collects more in corporate taxes than the US does.

But, that doesn't stop the GOP from spouting this nonsense. I mean, after all,'s in the talking points.

When I hear all this faux-Irish love, I'm reminded of how every St. Patty's Day, every swinging dick is "part-Irish." I say we send these two Irish lads over to the Capital to straighten things out. Boondock-style.

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