Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bill O'Reilly is an idiot.

Not exactly news by now, but Bill O'Reilly is once again reminding everyone what an idiot he is. On air with Dennis Miller, he said the following:

"I didn't like the line in [Obama's] speech...about how we don't have to
compromise our values to protect ourselves. I think sometimes we do.
I think sometimes we have to be realistic and do things that aren't
Army-Field-Manual polite. We can't give the Lazy-E-Boys to the captured
terrorists. We can't give them the iced tea and wind chimes. And I
think that was oversimplifying, and kind of a cheap shot at the Bush
administration. ... [Liberals] would torture the hell out of Bush if they could,
can you imagine?"

This sounds as lame as the W fans who are upset because Obama "attacked" W in his speech. Listen, Bush tasked his attorneys and staff with making torture legal. If he can't stand the heat from the fact that flies in the face of the notions of freedom and liberty, tough.

Hey, Bill. Its assholes like you that have helped Al Queda accomplish things they never would have been able to before. Its that kind of thinking that has resulted in us torturing people and denying due process of law.

And a note to Miller, check what the people really think about the detainees being sent to Leavenworth. Turns out a lot of folks heard their new President's call to grow up. Hopefully you guys will.

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