Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RNC members have an epiphany

If the RNC was responsible for fashion, we'd all be headed out the door today in our parachute pants and Member's Only jackets. To call their collective consciousness slow, would be like saying Charlie Babbit was ok at blackjack.

Seems the rank and file have finally realized, "This George W. Bush...he's not really that great."

My favorite quotes from this article? How about the standard Republican plea we've heard since they got their teeth kicked in:
"People in this country are more conservative than what has been shown," said
Cathie Adams, an RNC member from Texas.
Sure, Cathie.

Or how about this nugget in support of current RNC Chairman Mike Duncan:
"We all agree that change is necessary in our Party and at the RNC," Jim Burnett
of Arkansas wrote in a letter to fellow RNC members. "But we must be for the
right change. Mike Duncan knew how to run and manage an effective RNC with the
White House and he knows even better how to run and manage an effective RNC
without the White House."

Really? I guess when compared with the effectiveness of other recent conservative leaders like W, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Brownie...Duncan has done a jam up job.

The only comment that seemed to get it, was from John Feehery, who was a top adviser to then-House Speaker, Dennis Hastert.
"I think we're becoming a regional party. It seems like we only want to
appeal to Southerners. We seem too far to the right, and I think we need to have
a better understanding of principles that appeal to people in all 50 states."

If you've followed this race for the RNC Chair, it becomes apparent a lot of these guys don't get it. Katon Dawson has pledged to be "Obama's worst nightmare." Go ahead. If that's the course the RNC charts, it will take the Republican Party out into the wilderness for decades. I'm telling you right now, Obama's popularity is incredible and its going to stay high.

For instance, there's been a lot of talk among conservatives about the need to get back to the fiscally conservative ideology. How ideologically founded is the GOP's opposition to the stimulus package? According to one report, just as many House Republicans showed up at the meeting with Obama just to get their picture taken as to ask him questions about the package.

Seriously...President Obama has already done a great deal to increase his prestige at home and abroad in just one week. The only area he hurt himself seems to be with die-hard Pro Lifers, but lets face it, they're crazy anyway. Seriously...if out of the first two weeks the biggest issue you think there was involved lifting the gag rule, get a life. How about giving a shit about the people who are already living first. Once we help them stop being tortured or from losing their house, then lets worry about the zygotes.


Cheesefrog said...

Well why wouldn't the Repubs want their pic snapped with Obama? He IS the American Idol president after all!

Seriously though, I wish everyone would step back and take a look at this bill. It looks a lot less like a stimulus package than it does a big plateful of bacon. Mmmmmmm.... bacon. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, why does this behemoth have to be so saddled down with stuff that doesn't really belong? I thought earmarks were supposed to be on the way out. Doesn't sound like change to me. Then again, neither does appointing a Treasury Secretary who cheats on his taxes, so what do I know?

pluvlaw said...

Wanna know my thoughts? All the money we've given and all that we will should have gone into 1 thing: public works. Let's face it, it's gonna be blown and not work anyway. If we used it to rebuild the power grid, fix bridges and roads, construct some more transit systems, we'd be better off. At least it would create jobs. And even if it doesn't the end of the day, we've got newer and better infrastructure.

Cheesefrog said...

So what you're saying then, is that the ends justifies the means? That sounds like it goes against other arguments I've heard. I mean, Saddam Hussein was a vicious brutal dictator who killed who knows how many tens of thousands of people and tortured and raped people who only wished they'd just been waterboarded.

So much of this bill has nothing to do with stimulus and won't even take effect for another year or two. Does the fact that it needs to be done (which I agree it does) make it okay to disguise it as a stimulus package?

pluvlaw said...

I'm not following the ends-means question. I just don't think any one country can turn this ship around. There is no more microeconomics. It's all macro. And this tanker of inflated value and disparity of wealth has been full throttle for quite a while. You look at the economic data for the last 15-20 years and it is scarily identical to the data from the early 20th Century. History repeats itself, and we are headed to another great depression. Shit has to crash and come down. But it was big public works projects that helped keep a lot of families afloat and that really expaned the infrastructure of this country. So I'm saying lets do it again.

I know there are economic conservatives that will pooh-pooh all those programs. And they'll say I'm wrong it was other things that rescued us (like WWII). Who's right? I don't know. But I know there's a big ass Dam on the Colorado River that is still sitting there providing electricity. That's what I'm talking about.

Cheesefrog said...

I just think that will all this talk about change that it's pretty hypocritical to tell people that the purpose of this bill is to help the economy when so much of it is just pure fat. Maybe I should have used lipstick on a pig- that would have been a much better analogy!

What I see is a party which has been waiting for a long time to have enough force to push their way to the front of the feeding trough, and now they're all tripping over each other to gorge themselves on the slop. And they're trying to do it as quickly as possible in the hopes that nobody notices what's going on.

AND these are the same folks that have helped us get to this point. Congress is just as responsible for this mess as the prior administration.

This is not change; this is just more of the same. No surprise there, though. Both parties point the finger at each other while we get a different finger pointed at us. The game is the same, but only the names on the jerseys have changed.

Sigh... I guess I'll just go home and cling to my guns and religion (okay, maybe just guns. Or better yet, guns and alcohol!) and wait for the revolution. I don't think I'm going to live long enough to see it though. People in general are just too gullible and well, stupid to figure it out anytime soon.