Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A dream realized

Regardless of your political persuasion, today truly has been a great day in American History. Given our long battle with race in this country, it is impossible not to acknowledge the significance of today's events. I'd imagine a lot of my Republican friends are gagging at what they see as a disgusting lovefest, but I'm sure even the most jaded of them would agree that today is a pretty big bullet point on the timeline of our country.

Wow. That's a hell of a crowd, huh? Early estimates are 2 million crowded the mall to take part in history.

Years from now, when my grandkids ask me where I was when we elected our first black President, I'll get to tell them I was stuck in a local attorney's office taking part in a fruitless mediation. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the event live. But I have been furiously trying to catch up on the days events and I have a few comments already.

1) Having read the text of the speech, I agree with Adam Serwer on what the overall message was: time to grow up. Since 9/11, we have taken the easy way out. We have sacrificed the true core beliefs that make us what we are and we sacrificed them out of fear. It ain't easy being grown up. But that's life. Deal with it. As Benen pointed out, this is a man who talks to us like adults instead of treating us like kids. The time has come to set aside childish things.

2) Rush Limbaugh and Leon H. Wolf are unpatriotic assholes. They have both publicly stated they hope Obama fails. Eff you, assholes. I truly thought W was an idiot and that he stole the election, but I certainly never hoped he would fail.

3) Religion. First off, I'd like to personally thank Rick Warren. Rick, thanks for giving fuel to the Mullah's fire that war with America is Jihad against nonbelievers. Could you mention the name Jesus one more time please? Secondly, I am glad that Obama specifically mentioned "non-believers." I am sad it took 44 Presidents before someone acknowledged this large contingent of the country. Lastly, "So help you god" ain't part of the oath. If it was and a "liberal judge" left it out, what would we be hearing right now? "It's an assault on Christianity!"

4) The oath. Those idiots who think Obama is disqualified from being President are already probably filling out new lawsuits to challenge whether he really is the President based on the oath flub. What's even funnier is the argument over who messed it up. The Right is reporting how Obama screwed it up, even though its clear Roberts screwed up the wording and can be heard apologizing for messing up. Personally, I'm impressed Obama caught the screw up. Anyone want to bet on whether W would have just gone with it? BTW, how funny is it that a self-styled strict constructionist can't the wording of the oath right?

5) Cheney. When I saw him in the wheelchair, I thought two things. First, he looks like Jeffrey Lebowski. Not the Dude, but the one whose wife is running all over town owing money to people like Jackie Treehorn. Second, I thought of all the corny tv shows where the Plaintiff or Defendant shows up for court in a wheelchair or in a neck brace in a blatant attempt to illicit sympathy from the jury. How does one pull ones back out shredding doc...uh...I mean moving books anyway?

6) This guy is a douchebag. He's Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and he boycotted an Iowa congressional delegation reception based on his "philisophical" problems with Obama.

I'm sure I'll have more later. But I just wanted to get my initial thoughts in before settling down to soak it all up tonight.

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