Saturday, January 3, 2009

Matt Millen: The hot new hire over at NBC???

So I'm watching the halftime show of NBC's Atlanta - Arizona telecast and who is seated between The Bus and Boy Wonder Costas? No other than Mr. 31 - 97, the architect of the first 0-16 team in the history of the National Football League, and Mr. 2nd Highest Paid General Manager himself, Matt Millen.

There he is above, sitting in front of all his draft picks that panned out.

What the hell is NBC thinking? I'm beginning to think Millen somehow managed to get his hands on J. Edgar's infamous files. How does he continuously get these "Captains of Industry" to give him money?

How sterling is his rep? How about this nugget from a WSJ article last year:

NFL executives are loath to criticize one of their own openly. But talk to them
in private and nearly all concede that Detroit Lions President and CEO Matt
Millen has made more bad draft decisions than anyone else in two centuries.

It took his teams THREE YEARS to win a road game (0-24 before winning one on the road). Approximately 3 years ago, a fan was tackled by security for displaying a sign that read "Fire Millen" at a Detroit Lions home game. That began a viral campaign that wound up with the phrase being chanted at Michigan State, Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings games. Signs popped up on College Gameday, in the comic strip Gil Thorp, the Division II Championship Game and WWE events. It inspired a local radio station to stage a "Millen Man March."

So despite the fact that they have Bob Costas, Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, Chris Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber and Peter King, NBC just could not resist snatching up this football guru.

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Mike Reino said...

The answer on Millen lies in a quote from the video camera kid from 'American Beauty'.... "I'm the best Piece of Ass in three states. I'm THAT good."