Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Conservative goes canvassing

A moving account of an older conservative's foray into this election. I really wish some of the older republicans I have listened to lately could have experiences like this. Hell...I wish John McCain would have an experience like this.

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Mike Reino said...

This article makes me feel a little twisted - good and bad. Bad that I never vote for a candidate based on hope or that they're a nice guy,but on policy.

The good part is hearing about when people who might not agree finally realize that thye can agree on alot, if they just met up nce in a while and listened to each other. I attended a candidate forum back in 2006 that was hosted by Delta Sigma Theta - the black sorority. Having to crack a black majority district, I saw it as my only shot.

By the end, i made some new friends, and got a few votes. In fact, I had the highest African-American % of any GOP candidate on the ballot. Partly because of that, partly because of my reputation from work. But if I had passed on it, I would have not learned a real life lesson.