Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a night off

Two hearings and one jury trial in two days has me worn slap out, so I'm taking it easy tonight. A little reading of Goldsworthy's Caesar (I've gotten terribly behind in my reading), catching the latest episode on SAMCRO, then its off to bed. No posts other than this feeble one.

Doesn't help that the adrenaline has worn off from last last night's penultimate episode of The Shield. Holy Sh*t! Vic Mackey is gonna get a pass while selling Ronnie down the river? Say it ain't so. That line he gave the ICE agent, "I've done worse," was awesome.

BTW, whoever handles the PR for Detroit's CEOs, can we at least agree they can't have any money from the bailout. I mean, we'd just be encouraging them, wouldn't we?

Caught up on some Chuck tonight. Who new that the secret to Missle Command was Rush's Tom Sawyer. I would have guessed Red Barchetta. And for the record, there is nothing like the Neal Peart ride.

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